• 2009: Prize, The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy, Uppsala, for the monograph Ordbok över svensk romani. Resandefolkets språk och sånger.
  • 2008: Prize, Institut de France, Fondation Collette Caillat, for the monograph A Dictionary and Thesaurus of Tocharian A.


  • 2001/09-2002/08: Post.Doc. Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, at Department of General and Comparative Linguistics, Christian-Albrecht University, Kiel, Germany.
  • 2001/01-2001/06: Post.Doc. Fellowship, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Uppsala.
  • 2004/09-2005/06: Invited Research Fellow, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Uppsala.
  • 1995/07-2000/01: Doctorate Fellowship, Department of Comparative Linguistics and Sanskrit, Gothenburg University.